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Cheb Hasni Songs mp3


Do you want to discover the world of rai?And you are looking for an Androidapp that gathers all songs 'Aghani' of Cheb Hasni ( الشاب حسني ) ?So, welcome to the right place of the finest and most popular free songs. Our application can give you everything you need and more.You can get the most famous songs MP3 of the "Nightingale of Rai" ChebHasni for all Android devices, the best music to listen and download, as it can be set as phone ringtone.
Extremists of the FIS (Islamic Front of salvation) assassinated the king of sentimental rai in 1994, despite this; he is still alive in the hearts of his fans and lovers of Rai, youth singer and sentimental love.
During 8 years, ChebHasni was able to record more than 150 albums (AadouyaMeghier, Bghitha Amour, Chira Li Nebghiha, Deux Pieces Cuisine, GhadiNweliL'houbi, Ida Bkit, Li Bini OuBinha, MahoucheGhard, Mazel Souvenir Andi, MouhalNesbor Ala Oueldi, Nehar Lefrak Bkit, Rani KhayefWilaN'walfek, RouhouGouloulhaTsamahni, TlabtiLafrak) in 8 years.
Download the App and enjoy the best songs of the King of Rai ChebHasni, among the songs you will find:Lbayda mon amour, Mazal souvenir 3andi, C’est pas la peine, Mazal Galbi melk ya Mabgha, Ach 3andi fnas, Ach bik ya galbi thwal berrani, Rani khalit Amana, Ghadara,tlabti lefrak, Ntintii mon amour, El Baraka, Ghira li Nabghiha, Nhar Lefrak Bkit, Ana blabik manihani, Actatek Galbi, Ana galbi Mahmoum, Zarga Galbi Bghak, Ana mali w mal, Ana Malit w 3yit……Etc.
Features:-Application Completely free.-Set As your favorite, call ringtones or message notification.-Set As an alarm tone.- Share with your family or friends via email or social networks.- Set the timer and enjoy the best music of the King of Rai ChebHasni.